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Our Qualifications

AssetDynamics Wealth Management offers clients a depth of experience in investment planning, insurance, and estate planning. For over 37 years in business, we have served our client friends to plan for and achieve their financial goals and objectives.  We believe Independence is essential.

An independent financial advisor is a professional practitioner who functions in a conflict-free environment.  The benefits of using the services of an independent financial advisor accrue to the investor throughout the relationship.

 When designing your portfolio, an independent financial advisor is free to consider all of the thousands of investment alternatives available today.  There are no artificial limitations on which investments you can use.  We diligently research and consider the tools and techniques necessary to guide clients through the inevitable storms that will come in our economic and financial market environment.

 When building your portfolio, your independent financial advisor can weigh the merits of one investment against another, recommending investments only because they will contribute to the success of your investment strategy.  There is no pressure, and no incentive, to sell you proprietary products.

When assessing your portfolio’s performance, an independent financial advisor can use objective criteria to gauge the performance of each investment.  An experienced financial advisor can help you track the progress of your portfolio toward the financial goals you’ve set, and advise you when it is appropriate to make changes and when it’s time to stand pat.

All AssetDynamics Wealth Management advisors hold a variety of professional designations and are well versed in a number of financial disciplines. Our combined education and experience position us to offer broad-based financial advice our clients can trust.
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